A sweet summer’s end…

Oh it’s been a gorgeous summer. Brooklyn never disappoints. Sunshine and blue skies and this year, like last, very few days of unbearable heat. The humidity was off. the. scale. at some points, but I’d take that over rain and fluctuating temperatures any day of the week. Or summer of the decade. Or whatever.

Since the completion of the secret quilt, I’ve really struggled to get my sewing mojo on. It may very well have something to do with the news that we (kinda) are being kicked out of our apartment in a little over a month…(more on that soon) or it may just well have been I was lacking inspiration. But the arrival of a new baby girl, a beautiful bundle of long-awaited goodness was more than enough to kick me into gear.

I have wanted to make a quilt using this colour combination for some time and was pleased to finally have an excuse to draft a fun pattern that would somehow, ever so slightly match with her big sister’s quilt.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.38.19 PM

This is the very first triangle quilt I made, back in 2011. Before I knew that you didn’t have to cut out every single triangle individually. Oops! That’s what I love about quilting…always something to learn!

So, I took the pinwheel block and and came up with this fun, geometric design.


And I have to say, I really and truly like it. It’s loud, it aint messing around, but it’s playful and sweet too, don’t ya think? And yes, I realize that I’ve got to figure out this photography thing. I’m so picky about how I want my photographs to look, I really need to start talking to my brother about how to get a better at-home set up, if there is such a thing. This hot pink was an absolute killer to shoot. My usual go to settings were coming up anything but roses, so, I apologize (mum, dad, I’ve given up on correcting the auto-amercianization of spelling) …yes, I apologize for the slightly scary photography in parts.

There’s something super magical about the way this hot pink and sharp orange go together. Who would have thought it? The slightly muted, cotton candy pink calms it down slightly without silencing the craziness altogether.

IMG_6973 IMG_6965

Knowing that simple straight line quilting wasn’t the right match for this geometric design, I went a bit wild with the matchstick quilting, but, well, it works….i think!


I spent a good few evenings staring at teeny swatches of fabric on many a fabric website trying to figure out the best match for the back of the quilt. It needed to match, it needed to hold its own and not get overshadowed by the loudness of the top, but it also needed to be gentle, a little soft and not too sweet.

And….I can’t help it. I just love, love, LOVE this fabric. Mint and gold and a hint of rose?! Er…yes please!

IMG_6976 IMG_6979 IMG_6978

This is Michael Miller’s Bambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft. Boom! Gorgeous metallic loveliness. Yum.

The bright watercolor floral chosen for the binding isn’t necessarily the most natural choice, but I love the contrast with the solid front of the quilt. It cheers it somehow, makes it a little more playful perhaps.

IMG_6980 IMG_6984

And if you follow me on instagram you’ll know all about my obsession with rolling quilts into a sausage and then taking photos of them. I seriously cannot resist.

IMG_6993 IMG_6986

So, 4 weeks and counting until we’re outta here, and phew! There’s a lot to do…a few more baby quilts, quilting a few finished tops that have been waiting a while…and..oh, yeah, some packing perhaps! Better get to it!

As always, thanks for stopping by xo

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