Being Mum.

Well hello friends!

I’ve sure taken my sweet time getting this latest blog post out.

The thing is….work has been hectic. It’s been a busy busy ole time.

And by work I mean: ‘Being mum”.

Yup. That’s my job right here right now, mama numero uno.

And just like any other job, it has to come first and hobbies have to come second.


Yeah. There are a lot of days when I feel ‘Humph’ about that. A lot of days of itching to get up at the sewing machine, a lot of days of feeling frustrated at the lack of creativity in my world… and then – most often – I remember.

I am a Mum. That is one freakin’ big job right there.

And I remember:

– How ridiculously fortunate I am to be a mother.

– How seriously fun it is to stay home with my littles.

– How this is the best job I’ve ever had.

And yes, every job has it’s rubbishy bits, just as this one does too. But most of the time I have absolutely got to make more of an effort to recognize the brilliance of my very bare situation. Without the pomp and circumstance and ceremony. That just, quite frankly, being mum is, well, brilliant.

And you know, these little days are running away with us and soon I’ll have bigger gaps of time and space to play with my creativity and mad ideas… but for now, I’ve got to savor and enjoy.

PicMonkey Collage

and these moments will be long gone…


And that’s not to say I’m giving this up, whatever ‘this’ may be. No, no…. I’m still squeezing bits of sewing and playing into most weeks. Some more productive than others, some entirely well…..  And you can be entirely sure that those times where I’m hatching plans and larking around…well, all else falls to the wayside, washing, cleaning, bathing (ok, maybe not that far!).

But it’s writing these posts! Goodness gracious they take some time! So, I’m finding I’m documenting my doings on Instagram. Won’t you come join me? Small snippets of whatever I’m up to all logged in one spot. And rather addictive to boot!

Here’s some recent happenings:

IMG_8855 IMG_8984 IMG_9276 IMG_9263 IMG_9264 IMG_9433 IMG_9435

So, whilst I’m still hovering around, still hatching a plan for the next stage of my life, still creating and crafting… in the midst of it all….I’m just doing my darn best to be mum.


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5 thoughts on “Being Mum.

  1. Mum/Nana on said:

    So well said, Mad. It really is a time to savour and the children are benefitting so much from you having the time to devote to them. It’s all over far too quickly even if at the time it seems like ages.

  2. Lynn on said:

    Couldn’t agree with you more!! Enjoy it while you can. Thank you Maddy, for making being a full time mum a good thing to be. It’s the best and most important job in the world.

  3. Jess Morgan on said:

    Hiya Maddy

    Ah what a lovely blog to read. Glad for the update too and the pictures – lovely!

    Little bit not to forget in-between mum and superstar-crafter is the invisible but beautiful example you’re setting Molls and Alfie too – with your creativity. It’s not just the fabulous things you make which they will inevitabley outgrow or spill yogurt on… but spirit of making things being in your house. I remember my mum from when I was small either at her sewing machine, and in her painting clothes being happy and always able to make something out of nothing.

    I was looking after my niece yesterday afternoon – and we played outside all say and I’ve never seen her happier that when she was painting with water on the concrete patio.

    Anyway – you didn’t need an ill-informed comment on parenting from me… but I just wanted to tip my hat to you and say, good job Mads.

    Whaddaya mean lima beans?!!!

    J xxx

    Jess Morgan

    visit my website

    contact: (+44) 7527 128 785

    “*musicianship dovetails well with her clever and understated songwriting*” – The Telegraph “*gorgeous country folk*” – The Guardian “*inventive and poignant*” – R2 Magazine “*something truly special*” – Folk Radio UK

    • Thanks Jess, I hadn’t thought about that, but certainly want creativity to be featured in our day to day. Molly is our painter extraordinaire, she wants to e painting all the time! So lovely you’re getting to spend time with Carys. x

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