Playing with palettes

About 6 months ago I joined Instagram. Oh me, oh my…what a game changer!

I love how customizable it is. For me, it’s all about the quilters. And there are a squillion of them. Squeee!

There are so many people doing so many wonderful things out there in the big wide world. As a result, I’ve taken a million and one screen grabs of things that I’ve found inspiring. Here are a few recents:

IMG_6933 IMG_6997 IMG_7020 IMG_7064

Although I love this digital platform and all the fun stuff that it brings into my little life, there are definitely times when I find it quite overwhelming. When so many people are SO good at a particular trade, craft or skill, it’s easier to feel as though there’s no space for you and the meagre little lot that I manage to produce.

However… there are times when you come across a gem. Something that resonates with you and sparks some hope for the future. And that’s where Design Seeds comes in. A website, book, and instagram account dedicated to colour and and colour palettes.

If there’s one thing I’m quite happy to say I feel that I’m alright at, it’s colour pairing. Making combinations of colours, patterns, prints…that sort of stuff. What Design Seeds does is take a particular image/scene and create a colour pallete from it. Genius eh?

ColorPop FoldedHues_1 DriedHues_1

What I love about these palettes is that their not necessarily ‘complete’. There’s always some of spicing it up somehow.

My favourite fabric website go-t0 is where you can create your own ‘design wall’ which allows you to play before you buy. This is my most recent play inspired by this happy colour palette that I came across on Pinterest.



Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.47.32 PMI’ve been sketching up some ideas for a quilt with these colours. I’m excited to get to work. These are all Kona solids which annoyingly are not true to colour online. Next purchase: this Kona colour card, swoon!

If you want to follow me on instagram, you can! You’ll get little treats like this, you lucky things!



And well done to Ann and Helen who will be receiving an oilcloth make up bag soon! Yay!


Thanks for letting me indulge in this geek fest!

See you soon!


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One thought on “Playing with palettes

  1. Helen on said:

    Now before I get too excited…… how many Helens do you know? If it is me – yipee! and I’m happy to cover postage ;o)

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