Pouches and pencil cases (and a wee giveaway)

Wahoo! We made it through February (almost!).

I don’t know about you, but we almost didn’t make it out alive.

But we did! And during those long sick-kid nap times that we got about 10 days of (ohh yeh!) I did my best to muster that teeny tiny bit of energy that I had left and got to work on the sewing machine. I had to do something to make me feel human outside of the craziness that was ear infections, snotty noses, crazy high temperatures and a small dose of pneumonia. And the whining. OH! The whining!

But before any of that craziness, we celebrated this silly sausage. Naturally, a digger cake took centre stage…she’d been going on about it for about 6 months!

IMG_5073 IMG_4995

But back to the sewing.

My lovely sewing sister Stacey lovingly created some fabulous toddler sized stockings for the kiddos this past Christmas. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Stacey suggested that we do a kind of craft swap in place of payment, requesting boxy pencil cases for herself and her chap Frank. Sounded like a brilliant solution to me! That was until Stacey delivered hers right on time and I was about 8 weeks late! Urgh…did I mention the sick kids??!!

And here they be:

IMG_5342 IMG_5350 IMG_6738 IMG_6798

Whilst fishing through my fabric to find all the suitable components for the pencil cases I came across a yard of oilcloth that’s been sitting in my drawer for a good 3 years. I decided to get to work with it and made a couple of make up bags with small flat pouches to match.

IMG_6917 IMG_6919

The littles fit right inside the bigs and are perfect for all those pencils and brushes that always get lost at the bottom of the bag.



I’ve got about enough oil cloth for 2 more make up bags (and their matching little flats). Does anyone want one? If so, leave a comment. If enough people are interested I’ll draw names from a hat.

Have a lovely weekend one and all!

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7 thoughts on “Pouches and pencil cases (and a wee giveaway)

  1. vikkigillian on said:

    Maddy, you are amazing! Swapsies, what a great idea!xxx

  2. Yes please! Adorable 🙂 love oilcloth & pouches

  3. I love the make-up pouches! Would definitely like to have one! 🙂

  4. would absolutely love one, such beautiful work.

  5. These are GORGEOUS! Plus my make-up bag was stolen (with all my make-up in it) when someone broke in to our car two weeks ago. Just saying. X

  6. quick! – put my name in the hat Maddy!! Love Helen xx

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