Good Gracious

My goodness, February is here! Whaaat?!

I do so love February. It’s a short month, it’s good riddance to January and it truly feels like the last of the winter months to me. It’s not that I don’t like winter, that’s certainly not the case. But winter with small children, well that’s an entirely different thing.

So February, hello! Let’s just revel in your fabulousness. Oh…and Molly Jane…Feb baby! She’s going to be 3 on Sunday…3! How? What? Jeeez… Did any of you see that thing going around about threenagers? Oh golly.

IMG_5794 IMG_6191 IMG_5533

Anyway. On to Grace. Sweet baby Grace and the quilt that her mama asked me to make for her. Grace’s mummy, Cat, is a wonderful friend of mine. With lived together for 3 years at University in York (Oh York!) and she truly was the best housemate. I’m certain that I wasn’t and she deserves a medal for putting up with me for 3 long years!

When baby Grace was doing her thing and growing and becoming a teeny tiny human, Cat sent me a message asking if I would make her a quilt. I had made one for Grace’s big cousin Bella a few years back and I was thrilled to be asked to make another (a sign that I did something right the first time!) .

Cat very graciously allowed me complete artistic freedom. I love such a thing but this quilt…wow, this quilt was a tricky one! Many an evening were spent wrestling with the fabrics and the shapes and I just could not get it right. But eventually…it came to light organically and this is the result.

IMG_4963 IMG_4964 IMG_4974 IMG_4975

I’ve been having some horrible issues with my machine lately. I love the beast but it’s in need of a jolly good repair. Quilting on it is becoming quite unpleasant, so much so that I paired the actual quilting of this quilt right back so as not to damage the top. Humph. However, it’s rather nice to see these little details untouched:

IMG_4967 IMG_4970 IMG_4969


There’s something particularly scrumptious about rolling up a quilt and photographing it. I love seeing all the colours, prints and patterns together.

Yup. This is what dreams are made of. (Hashtag not even 30 yet.)

IMG_4983 IMG_4984 IMG_4985


I hope you like it darling Grace. It’s a tad wilder than I think your mama was expecting…but you’ll soon come to learn (if you don’t know already) that she’s got a wild streak running through her… 😉

IMG_4992 IMG_4989 IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4978


Another quilt on it’s way to another baby. Broody much? Eek!

Right, off to grab the ‘but I don’t want to naaaaaap’ threenager…

So long!

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