The eleventh hour…

Wow, we’re 2 sleeps away from Christmas. Yay! I’m NO SLEEPS away from seeing my parents and my youngest sister…EEEEE!! Excited!

Jake is (finally!) home, Frozen and Toy Story are practically on repeat, the apartment is decorated and everyone has finished being ill (for now!). I’m attempting to be organized with food and gifts and making sure the apartment is ready to have lots of people in it for a week. It’s been a whirlwind few days of wrapping, cooking, baking and yes, I forgot to buy for someone. Oops.

I really thought I’d be pushing Alfie’s bus quilt to the New Year seeing as my hours at the sewing machine have been limited to say the least! But at 11pm last night I finished it. Phew. A labour of love for sure. So worth it though, I’m really pleased with it.


It’s pretty loud…and perhaps a little garish, but I kind of like it’s boldness. I’m still wondering now if I should have bordered it….but what’s done is done and it is what it is.




As per usual there are plenty of imperfections …but at least it’s obvious that it’s handmade….no?! However, the star of the show really is this fantastic bus print, I just love it!




Beep beep!




I’ve been a little obsessed with Instagram recently and have picked up a few new tips and tricks that made the quilting process so much faster and easier this time round. It’s amazing what an art there is to it all. So so so much to learn. One day I’ll make a quilt without any mistakes. At least I hope I will.

bus quilt 1.1 bus quilt 4 bus quilt 2 bus quilt 3

I think it’s perfect for cheery, chipper little Alfie who has such a beautifully sunny disposition. I hope he likes it. At some point. Probably when he’s 25 or something. At what point do people appreciate handmade gifts?! 🙂

Ok…back to it…Potatoes to roast!

Wishing you all a very joyful receiving time. Happy Christmas.

As always, thanks for stopping by, see you on the other side!

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2 thoughts on “The eleventh hour…

  1. Beauty of a quilt Maddy. Congrats! x

  2. Gorgeous quilt! Well done you.

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