Hi guys…

As promised, a ridiculous amount of halloween costume pics.

Having never been a fan of halloween in the past, since moving here I have slowly been converted. Really it shouldn’t be called halloween the way it’s done here, well in our part of Brooklyn at least. Yes there are the spooky decorations and a splash of creepy here and there but most of all it’s a really happy event with a festival/carnival kind of feel. The kids say ‘trick or treat’ but from what I can tell, treat is the only outcome. Phew!

You know me, I love a good challenge. I love a good costume too. As does the man of the house, aka Crisp Man…


This wasn’t even for Halloween!

Let’s be honest, last years Wally/Waldo was going to be hard to beat:

Molly Wally

But I think the Superhohos (yup, 2.5yr old speak) worked pretty well. I had planned to make capes, masks and wrist cuffs but then managed to have enough fabric leftover to make what turned out to be very cheerleader-esque skirts. The star print tees were a steel from H&M at just over $5 a pop. Yay!

IMG_4566 IMG_4572 IMG_4575 IMG_4580 IMG_4587


I was lucky enough that Molly and Dylan could be bribed to model for some photos:

IMG_4589 IMG_4598

And then batman came along and got a kiss!

IMG_4620 IMG_4634


And we didn’t forget the little’uns…Silas and Alfie refused to smile for any photos…because they’re in character of course!

IMG_4749 IMG_4767


I love LOVE this one. Silas just chilling, but he’s got Alfie’s back. Alfie up front giving the ‘And what?!’ to the camera. Perfect superheroes theses two.IMG_4783


And of course, no Superhero halloween photo shot would be complete without a dance party:


Yeh I know, I got a bit carried away with the whole video thing.

Well that’s it folks…time to starts thinking about next year’s costumes!

I know I say it every time, but thanks for stopping by. I really do enjoy you indulging with me in my madness. Until next time! xo

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One thought on “Superhohos!

  1. Love the video, Mad

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