The “Charlotte”

Why hello! It’s been a while.

It’s autumn. Fall. Whatever. Either way it’s LUSH. I love it. I just wish it would settle on a suitable for-this-time-of-year temperature and stay that way for a while. The colours at this time of year are just magical. There’s no two ways about it, nature is simply perfection right now.

We took a short trip upstate a few weeks back and got to experience a preview of the leaves changing colour in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. We rented a house in a tiny village close to the rather well known slightly larger village of Phoenicia and were treated to all sorts of out-in-the-country delights. An on site vegetable patch growing it’s own pumpkins (whaaat?!), a babbling brook at the bottom of the garden (excuse me?!?) and the most delightful displays of fall foliage that this part of the country is so well know for (although I am not the photographer I want to be, and the photos really don’t do it justice). I tell you one thing, it’s so easy to see God amongst all this beauty. It really is breathtaking. And a world away from this concrete jungle.

IMG_3055 IMG_3322 IMG_3048

IMG_3134IMG_3132IMG_3131IMG_3130IMG_3144IMG_3093 IMG_3092 IMG_3077IMG_3326 IMG_3325


Our next door neighbor there just happened to be the fire chief of the little village we were staying in. He very kindly took us up to the fire house and let us sit in the fire truck and look around all the vintage ones they had stored there. Molly’s idea of heaven!


And of course, as with any holiday we ate ice cream and did our selfie-best to get a family pic. Ahh….

IMG_3004 IMG_3034 IMG_3037 IMG_3039 IMG_3042

I love the ridiculousness of all of these but Molly’s face in that last one is a classic!

Now to some quilting. You didn’t think you were getting away with it did you?!

Just a little over a month ago a new little bundle joined our ‘family’. She’s the daughter of our special friends Claire and Darryl, and she’s such a darling little thing. (I know, I know, they all are!)

I started working on Charlotte’s quilt way before she was born and before we knew whether she was a girl Charlotte or a boy Charlotte (It was going to be Charlotte either way seeing as Claire and Darryl claimed the name Charlotte about 10 years ago and the rest of us have purposefully not considered it out of respect for the in-advance-bagsy-ing…but as a result, if that baby was a boy, he had no choice but to be Charlotte!). Lo and behold it was a girl Charlotte and so I threw out the original idea and got to work on something suitably girly. Such fun!


Once again I threw caution to the wind and went about experimenting, piecing together and taking apart quite a few times before I settled on the finished design. And once again it’s different although the pattern mixing and colour combos are still very much me.

IMG_4791 IMG_4793IMG_4806

It’s been a while since I backed a quilt in fleece and whilst I love it for it’s cuddliness (especially for a newborn) I was reminded how much I don’t like quilting with it. It’s stretchy, gets caught under the foot and just makes the quilting process that much more difficult. But it IS nice and cuddly, and Molly even asked to snuggle under it!

IMG_4797IMG_4802 IMG_4808 IMG_4811 IMG_4812

Hooray for baby Charlotte! I hope you enjoy it my love.

Happy weekend everybody. We’re off to trick or treat dressed as Superhohos (that’s superheroes to you and me). Photos to follow soon.

See you on the other side. Thanks for stopping by!

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