Oh Sweet One.

Hello from sunshine central! Usually I try not to go in for all that bragging nonsense, but today I’ll make an exception. We seriously have had the most amazing summer this year. I don’t think it’s broken past the early 90’s (30’s) once this year. ONCE! Honestly, that is a gift that I was well and truly ready for. Sunshine, blue skies and 80 degrees? Yes. Please.

Anyway, with all that aside, I’m delighted to share this dear quilt with you. It’s finished. Hooray! The 1930’s repro fabrics have been bought to life and sweets for my sweets, this is one sugary little quilt. I’m so pleased with its vibe and think it’ll be a lovely addition to the new baby’s nursery.


It’s so very hard to choose fabrics online and to trust that they’ll all go as well as you’d hope they would when you chose them from the eensy little swatch online. However, I am delighted with the back of this quilt. I think it gives it the edge that it needs to push it back into the 21st century. The colour is exactly what I was hoping for and beautifully balances out the pinks of the quilt top.

IMG_4346 IMG_4343 IMG_4347

The pattern itself came together so easily and it was particularly enjoyable to piece all of the prints together.  The design nods towards classic images of country fair bunting and gives it a whimsical kind of feel without it needing to become ‘quilt art. It still functions as as baby blanket that can be used any way up and on either side, which is kind of helpful when you’re balancing a baby on your hip and trying to lay it on the floor one handed!

Although I truly feel that it’s the little details that really pull this quilt together. The square dot binding that wraps around the edges, the white peekaboo extra, the double quilting. These are the elements that make it a special gift and (hopefully) a keepsake.

IMG_4336 IMG_4323




I sure hope Sienna likes it! Thank you Danielle for allowing me to make something so special for your darling new niece. It really is a compliment to be asked.

Also, did I mention that this is a commission? Did I? Did you know that I do those? Did you? Well I do! Let me know if you’d like more details. You can find my contact information on the ‘about’ page. Plug, plug, plug.

As you may have been able to tell, this quilting lark has really got a hold of me right now. I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of quilt making, the science of it and the maths too. I bet my high school maths teacher would never believe that I would ever use the words ‘maths’ and ‘enjoy’ in the same sentence (sorry Mr Mobbs!) but it’s true! Quilt construction requires a lot of mental energy and plenty of careful consideration and planning and I’m really starting to find some kind of warped satisfaction in it. Who am I? What has happened to me?!

I have a foxy little number coming up soon. A fox print fabric that is, nothing racy let me assure you! More details shortly.

Off to enjoy this absolute perfection of summer weather once more. Oh yeeehh!

As always, thanks for stopping by x

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One thought on “Oh Sweet One.

  1. I saw David and Margaret Mobbs last week. Next time I’ll have to pass this on!

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