The ‘Eternity’ Quilt

Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t think I have ever been more pleased to have a crafting project finished. Jeeeez Louise! This was one mighty feat of quilting engineering! (Well, for me, anyway.)



Following suit from ‘the Forever quilt’ this too, is aptly named. Made as a wedding present for my sister Sophie and her *new husband* Ryan, it will hopefully be something that they’ll keep for eternity. It took me an eternity to make so they better darn well like it or I’m taking it back! 😉

No, seriously. It literally took me an eternity. I didn’t even manage to get it finished before we left despite one Saturday sewing for 9 1/2 hours ‘just finishing’ as I sold it to Jake when he had to have the kids all day so I could complete this bad boy. And I genuinely did believe that I was ‘just finishing’ however, who knew that finishing could take so long!

The long and short of it is that I just did not leave myself enough time. I was so pushed for time at the end that there are a great deal of imperfections and mistakes and lots of bits that I would have happily (and painstakingly) unpicked and done again. The more frustrated I grew at the huge number of this ‘wrong bits’ I couldn’t help but find myself thinking how perfect it was that this quilt, of all quilts, was constructed of so many imperfections. I began to congratulate myself on unconsciously sewing the perfect marriage quilt:

Full of mistakes and false promises but coupled with texture and colour and wonderful partnerships. (Blurgh!)

You know I’m right! The metaphors are endless! This truly is the best thing I have ever made!! And I’m not just trying to make myself feel better…me? Nooooo….! 


Even though I didn’t manage to finish it before leaving for England, it was fabulous to be able to photograph it under a Norfolk sky. Norfolk skies (Dutch skies too) are just so darn fantastic because the landscape is so incredibly flat that you get a whole lot of sky in the sky to land ratio. Stunning. It was a beautifully breezy day too and the sea air would whip under the quilt and lift it slightly as I snapped away. A world away from photographing in a stuffy Brookyln apartment I tell ya!


IMG_4219 IMG_4222 IMG_4233 IMG_4234


And I need to point out (for those of you who won’t spot it immediately) that those triangles, you see those? Yup. Every single one cut, sewn and pressed. Every. Single. One. You got that? Good. I’ll stop now. 😉

IMG_4239 IMG_4240


The binding worked really quite spectacularly in the end, despite the fact that I had bought the fabric originally thinking that it would be on the grey and white side of the quilt (which was really meant to be the front!). When it came to pairing it up, it stole away a large chunk of the geese of every side of the quilt which made for quilt an odd finish. Although disappointed at first, I really do think it was best to leave the flying geese pattern to sing out on it’s own.

IMG_4244 IMG_4245 IMG_4248 IMG_4252


The magic binding technique was a winner again this time with a scrappy peekaboo insert. Can’t see myself going back to binding any other way now.

IMG_4264 IMG_4270 IMG_4278 IMG_4280



Sorry this has been a bit of a quilt-geek-fest, I’ve been getting rather exciting about quilting lately. That’s how cool I am. Yes indeed. There’s a few more baby quilts in the pipeline so stay tuned for more riveting reading! 🙂


Right, must get back to being ridiculously hot. Yay.


Thanks for stopping by! x

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One thought on “The ‘Eternity’ Quilt

  1. Friedel on said:

    Maddy!!!!! You are amazing amazing amazing!!! You did it again, absolutely loooove it! Well done girl👍

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