The Forever Quilt


Golly, 2 months has flown by! It’s May and we’ve all been hit with a bout of Spring Fever. Hooray!

Remember the last post when I spoke about the craft swap with Anna from A Bunch of Buttons? Well, the sewing machine has taken up permanent residence in the-space-we-can’t-figure-out-how-to-use and I’ve been grabbing every 30 mins I can to get Little P’s quilt finished. And it’s done. I’m so pleased. I’d been desperate to have some one-on-one time putting this quilt together, but it’s completion has been entirely reliant upon 2 1/2 months worth of 30 minute sewing sessions. I suppose it’s name is two fold. ‘Forever’ because it took forever to make, but (hopefully) ‘Forever’ because it will be kept and treasured by darling P.


I’m really rather proud of this little nugget. It’s a new one for me; the mis-matched chevrons, the plethora of colours and fabrics and the oh-so-clever peek a boo binding (not a technique of my own, I can assure you!) and you know, it all just kind of works. It’s crazy and cute but strangely sophisticated too. I do hope it’s well loved.

IMG_3803 IMG_3804

In an attempt to make it a more ‘cuddly’ quilt and more like of a blanket I double padded it to make it a little squishier. The process of quilting tends to take the squishiness out of quilts so I used a modern version of quilt tying so it would keep bouncy and puffy.


For me though, the binding is the star of the show. There was much deliberation over the fabric as my usual go-to would have been something solid. However, with so many prints and colours already on show, it seemed silly not to just go the whole hog and add something other in there too. I like the little peep of the backing fabric too, seems to unite the front and back somehow.

IMG_3802 IMG_3812


I couldn’t stop taking photos!

IMG_3817 IMG_3815

It’s a mere 6 1/2 weeks until our highly anticipated trip back home. It’s 18 months since we’ve been back and my family are still to meet this super young chap.

IMG_3666 IMG_3676 IMG_3759

They might also get to see Molly if she’s stays still for long enough!

IMG_3631 IMG_3615 IMG_3445

Naturally, the anxiety of taking these two munchkins on the plane is beginning to brew….oh deary me…just look at the mischief! I had all sorts of high hopes of making some lovely quiet books for the kiddies…who was I kidding! Think those’ll be on the back burner until next year!


And finally, I am hoping to have some time before we fly to make a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding… keep your eyes peeled. Maybe, just maybe…

Until then, as always, thanks for stoping by. Happy Spring!

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2 thoughts on “The Forever Quilt

  1. I can assure you that quilt will be so well loved! It’s totally gorgeous! And the ‘forever’ will definitely mean kept forever too, that is so awesome, I can’t wait to squish it! Yours is currently a large pile of squares… Maybe I’ll finish it before you come back here… But I’m not sure! X

  2. Emily on said:

    What a beautiful quilt! – But not as beautiful as Mols and Alfie. I can’t wait to squish them!!!!

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