Ok, so I lied.

Well, lying might be a stretch but perhaps ‘was a little too enthusiastic’ fits the bill.

I’m talking about this post and my proclamation to the world that ‘I’m back’. Oh gosh, I wish.

When I wrote that post I considered putting in a little paragraph about whether or not it’s realistic to keep up a blog during this particular stage of life, but I decided not to. Mainly because I always wanted to keep this blog positive and not get bogged down with whatever it is that is going on in the day to day. We all have lives and boring details that no one really wants to hear about! 🙂 However, I maintain that perspective. When I started this blog it was never intended to be anything specific…It’s not a parenting blog, it’s not a design blog (ha!) it’s not an sewing blog or anything else for that matter…it’s just, well, me. There are oodles of blogs out there that showcase both the joys and the hardship of being a stay at home mum to 2 littles brings….so, I don’t need to go into all that. Anyone with an imagination (or experience) can quite easily ascertain what the cause of my recent absence has been.

Buuuuttt…. just to really spell it out, in a nutshell:

2 small children, the most atrocious, debilitating weather I’ve ever encountered, life…and again, 2 small children.

Ok it’s done. Moving on!

So I may have been quiet on here, but there’s been plenty happening to report on. (Thankfully the potty training was over and done with super quickly…one upside to being housebound for days on end!) We’ve painted a chalk door, made a frame wall, up cycled a headboard and painted another wall. I know, I know, I”m still to do the big reveal of the new room that we built….but it’s not quite there yet and I don’t want to show it before it’s ready.

Our apartment here in Brooklyn is fab. I love it’s random features, the higgledy piggledy nature of it’s layout, the fact that our landlord is decent and it’s really pretty cheap (considering what a lot of other people are paying!). But there’s one thing that really bugs me. Clearly when previous tenants have moved out, and before the next ones arrive, the painters come in a just paint everything white. There’s no such thing as masking off door knobs or hinges or what not…nope, just cake that bad boy in as much paint as possible! It’s obvious it’s a quick job too because if you look you’ll see paint drips that have just dried right there on the beautiful original moulding which is now 50 layers of white paint thick.

So when it came to thinking about painting the back of our door it seemed liked a good idea to take off all the hardware, give a good soaking in baking soda and white vinegar, chip off the massive build up of white paint around it, and start again.

This is our beautiful back door…isn’t it just lovely? 🙂


And here’s the hard graft Jake put in…

IMG_2283 IMG_2282

And the finished product…. before it got attacked by Molly!


We bought some big chunky sidewalk chalks in a billion different colours and Molly just loves to go crazy on there! Another activity for all the recent forced at-home time. Tick!

For a while I’ve been searching for a headboard for our bedroom. I call it a bedroom, really it’s a glorified box. But it fits our bed in and it’s a hell of a lot more than plenty of people have to sleep in each night so it is essentially a palace 🙂 It’s a small (read tiny) windowless space (I’m really selling it here) that needs quite a bit of work to look good. Jake picked up some old floor boards and made them into some really cool shelving, we’ve painted, made a frame wall and added some interesting accents. But it still needs more. It’s needs objects, pattern and texture. It was obvious that the bed has to be the statement in the room (it’s the only piece of furniture IN the room!) and seeing as we could no longer use a bed frame (we’ve opted for a nice box spring) we needed to create a head board of sorts. I’d been trawling through pinterest trying to find ideas and was pretty certain that we were going to upholster something in a nice rich coral. However, trying to find something at a price we could afford proved much more difficult than I first imagined.

And then, lo and behold, one day, we’re having tea with a friend when outside, nestled amongst the snow and the rubbish, propped up against a tree, covered in bird poo is the perfect headboard. We grab it, cart it home and get to work.

IMG_2286 IMG_2293

I love the sweet detail…


I knew you’d be deeply saddened if I didn’t include a picture of said bird poo…


After a good wash and a thorough sanding down, we picked out a colour…


So, I painted, we put it in place and I thought it looked pretty darn good…..but pretty darn girly. Not one, but two boys came over and each, at separate times, laughed out loud at it.

So we changed the colour. And now it’s in place and I love it…. Here is a very sneak preview…the room is not ready yet! 🙂


In other news, I’m doing a craft swap with the wonderful Anna of A Bunch of Buttons so am working on an uber cool quilt for her Little P. It’s a new design for me and I’m really enjoying the process.

IMG_2840 IMG_2843

And outside of all that crafting…I celebrated a birthday! I ate steak and eggs for breakfast…I know!!


Got to hang out with these crazy kids…

IMG_2805 IMG_2806

And had a fantastic evening out with this handsome fella (which we paid for in the morning…)


What a lucky lady I am indeed.

So who knows when I’ll be back. I have missssssed this, I really have. My intentions are always so good, but then, you know….life gets in the way. But I will be back…I will, I will, I will.

So, as always, thanks for stopping by. x

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8 thoughts on “Ok, so I lied.

  1. Loved reading this and the headboard is wonderful. Can’t wait to see the quilt.

  2. Well done. It’s tough in the winter with 2 little ones, I’ve been there, done that. Love all the deco stuff you’ve one x

  3. That was supposed to say ‘done’ (I’m brain dead from being up in the night with the kids. Urgh. )

  4. Looks wonderful Maddy!
    I know the joy/pain and boredom of being stuck at home with two small kids. Thank fully they’re both at school during the day now, when that happens you will get a new lease on life!
    Lou x

  5. Thanks Ann, thanks Shelley, thanks Lou. Certainly appreciate the moral support! Alas, we too were up in the night cleaning up sick. Yuck! Oh the joys 🙂

  6. Emily on said:

    Sidewalk? SIDEWALK?…..Time you moved back to England indeed!!!! Miss you, Sis!! xxx

  7. colleen on said:

    Lovely colourful work well done

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