The big bed. Well, kind of.

Kind of, because it is actually a very teeny big bed, but a big bed it is none-the-less!

Shortly before Alfie was born we moved Molly into a proper bedroom. We needed to get the toys out of the living room and we needed to get Molly out of the cupboard so we could put Alfie in there instead! It’s a transition that’s happening in stages. We kept her in her cot for a while, but now she’s in a bed…and boy, does she love it! It’s the cutest little bed that took me forever to find, but eventually craigslist came through!

When I first moved Molly into this room, a friend commented that it looked very masculine. In the attempt to make it quite gender neutral perhaps it did become a bit too boy-y. So now Molly has her own little girly nook to cosy up in.

IMG_1190 IMG_1198

And of course I’ll  take any opportunity to make some new cushions!

I had been eyeing up this fabric for so long but couldn’t figure out where to use it. I think it works so perfectly here, it’s playful and dynamic and compliments all the other patterns and colours so well.


IMG_1218 IMG_1208 IMG_1213 IMG_1214

All backed in this lovely green and white polka dot fabric. Love green.


It’s Ham’s favourite spot (‘Ham’ because she can’t say ‘Lamb’…)

IMG_1222 IMG_1229

Now the toys have a new home…


…and the birds that Auntie Joey bought when Molly was born have finally been put together and hung…


The plan is to get Alfie sleeping in this room at night, although he’ll still take have his daytime sleeps in the cupboard! His corner of the room is still looking a little bare…


but soon enough we’ll move the pictures from his current room in there to make it all cosy…


With Jake out of town, I’ve been eating tea with Molls and then had entire evenings to get sewing done. Molly seems to have cottoned on to the notion of mummy=sewing because every time we walk by the dry cleaners she points to this and says ‘Mummy!’


I’ll take that as a compliment!

Even though Jake isn’t here to enjoy the run up to Christmas as we were planning, thanks to my wonderful friend Rachel, I’m ploughing on regardless as getting on with it all. So….I’m now off to bake some Christmas cookies for Molly to decorate tomorrow….pics to come next week!

Until then…stay warm! Snow here again tomorrow….Brrr…. x

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