We are fa-mi-lee-eee…

Wahoo! My sister is visiting. Yesssss! She’s being the ever dutiful auntie and taking Molly on lots of outings so I can finally start getting myself sorted for the arrival of the new little bean. It’s been wonderful. I’ve had my sewing machine out, I’ve been baking and most of all I’ve been nesting.

It really is so freeing to have some daytime help and just get an hour or two to myself at home to catch up on all those little bits and bobs that never get done otherwise. It is so satisfying to have finally finished another mini project…and feels soooo good to be blogging about it too. Oh how I have missed thee!

So along with general sorting out-ness of cupboards and clothes and more boring, menial tasks such as cleaning the fridge (ugh!) I have started and finished the baby’s room. Well, closet, cupboard thing. You know all about it by now.

Remember how it started when we moved in?


And quickly became a room for Molly?




Well, now Molly’s moved into her ‘big’ room, the cupboard was free to become something new…

A room for baby boy…hurrah!


It’s not an enormous transformation as he’s only going to be in there for a while before moving into the ‘big’ room with Molly (and Jake and I will finally have somewhere to put our clothes!). However, I still wanted it to feel, well, nice… cosy, warm and inviting. It’s for me more than it is for him, of course he wouldn’t know any better if he slept in a drawer!

The few things I have done really seem to have made a difference. New bunting, new pictures, and new (less pink) pom poms to try and disguise the storage up top.

IMG_1463 IMG_1461 IMG_1456

Albert is eagerly awaiting the new arrival…


And… Just in case you were under any illusion that we have plenty of space/storage, Jake’s miter saw is still living on the top shelf. It’s nothing to do with the fact that we don’t have anywhere else to put it, we just want to encourage some kind of masculinity from an early age 😉




So, thank you Sophie for allowing me the time to indulge, it really means a lot.

I hope this little man likes it…

Little Man


Even want to sleep in here…look how cosy!



I’d love to think I’ll squeeze another post in before d-day but we’ll see, Sophie leaves tomorrow which makes me feel as though nothing will ever get done, ever again. Booo. But let’s not dwell on that, it’s been a truly marvelous week with her here and I have to say, as far as siblings go, I think I got a pretty good deal.

As always, thanks for stopping by. x

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3 thoughts on “We are fa-mi-lee-eee…

  1. Holly Barker on said:

    Sophie you treasure you!
    Looking fab Mads, baby will love it!

  2. Wow so happy everything has worked out so well. Can’t wait to meet the little man

  3. Great job! Looks fab

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