She’s back!

Hooray! Just as I had hoped, Molly was returned to us yesterday. The monster has left and Molly is back with three brand spanking new teeth….big ugly molars! No wonder a monster came to stay for a week.


Was it only a week? It felt like much longer……..

So after a week of hell  slight difficulty, it seemed only right to replace some of that negative energy with something positive. Whilst it definitely felt as though I was getting the rougher end of the deal last week, I’m sure Molly would beg to differ. Growing teeth sure aint fun.

So, in honour of her and her toothy endeavors, here we have a celebration of all things Molly.

The most exciting news is that she’s in her new room! Hooray!

It used to be our room


But I think it looks much better like this


She seems to really enjoy the space and she slept like a beaut last night despite the fact that her room now has windows (!) and the daily act of the sun coming up could have potentially ruined everything! Phew

It’s a far cry from where she came from….I don’t think she can believe her luck with all the space!


Many an afternoon is spent wondering around the neighbourhood exploring all that’s out there. When I suggest that we go for a walk to look at all the pretty gardens, Molly hears ‘Let’s go for a walk and pick up the grossest things we can find’…cigarette butts, bottle tops, drain weeds. She’s such a tomboy! And all the time I’m there in my ‘aren’t I being a great mum?’ voice saying ‘look at these pretty flowers Molly, can you see the red one?’. She’s trying to eat ants of course.

IMG_0776 IMG_0782 IMG_0792 IMG_0810 IMG_0815

She likes milkshake too, so don’t worry, she is getting some nutrition along with those ants 🙂


Oh and boiled eggs with soldiers. We call them neggs. It’s my dad’s fault. One sure fire way to get her to eat anything these days is if there is the ability to ‘dip’, ketchup, hummus, runny egg, you name it. Her favourite part is putting the dipped item in her hair.

IMG_0905 IMG_0915 IMG_0916 IMG_0917

She’s still working on the whole chef thing. As you can see, we had roasted duck (she was just washing it first) with pepper


And you’ll be pleased to know that she tests all of her food before serving it to her guests


She still thoroughly enjoys reading and is pretty good at letting me sit on the sofa whilst she choses the next one. (Token vacuum cleaner in photo!)


But….one thing she doesn’t like…. painting…..!


Have a wonderful weekend one and all. See you next week with a draft excluding snake! x

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