Bye, Baby Bunting…

It’s been a busy ol’ time for this small family. The months, weeks, days, hours just seem to run into one another and all the while we’re waiting, waiting, waiting…..

I’ve been longing to post about our ‘new’ rooms, display the results of our efforts….but, alas! We’re not quite there yet. But I’m longing and we’ll get there soon…. we think…

Life as we know it has sort of been put on hold recently as we wait for news of Jakes job and (not so patiently) live in limbo while the big guns decide our fate. About 100 people need will be losing their jobs due to the loss of a large account…and no, it had nothing to do with Jake! 🙂 It’s been 7, almost 8 months of waiting now, knowing that there may come a point at which we may have to pack up and leave… and knowing that those decisions are made so quickly here and how difficult it is to ‘float’ until the next thing comes along. But….we’re waiting, and we’re trusting, and we’re still here….for now…

So it seemed a little foolish to carry on regardless until we know for sure that we’re staying. It’s frustrating. Incredibly frustrating. We’re so desperate to get on, to be finished with it all, to move Molly into her new room and start setting up for number 2. BUT, there are times to take risks and there are times to not be foolish, and currently, it’s the latter. So we keep waiting and wondering and wandering too, but every day that we wait, wonder and wander we come a little bit closer to knowing where we’ll be…… or do we? Certainly doesn’t feel like it at times.

However….let’s sing praises because Jake and I are now holders of the illustrious and much sought after Green Cards. We are permanent residents of America now so no longer face deportation should we find ourselves here without a job to sponsor our visas. It’s been a turbulent time  of waiting, hoping and praying for it all to fall into place…but as usual, God came through and despite everything else, we’re thankful, thankful, thankful.

So, in the midst of waiting, my creative spirit has felt somewhat dampened and depleated. So many things on my to do list:

Make new blinds for the kids new room

Strip and paint the ‘new’ wardrobe that Jake and Brad hauled off the side of the street.

Move Molly into a big bed, buy her bed, bedding, make cushions, quilts etc

Get the closet prepared for number 2’s arrival (get rid of the pink and replace with some blue!)

Make a headboard for our bed

Find bedside tables, lamps, make a quilt…

Buy baskets for the shelves for all our bits and bobs (don’t you love these?)

The list goes on and i’m itching to get to it…. but we’re holding off. Except this week I couldn’t hold off any longer and I needed to get my teeth stuck into something. So using the left over fabric from Austin’s baby blanket I got making some bunting. I was delightful to be back on the sewing machine, cramming as much into my fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s as possible. I even made my own bias tape this time, I love the combo of the grey with the red, white, blue and spots of green.

IMG_0475 IMG_0481 IMG_0483 IMG_0488

I’m still on course for a red, white and blue bedroom for the kiddos. I’ve been pinteresting plenty of ideas and scheming as to how it’s all going to pan out. One of my main inspirations is our Cath Kidston Stanley nappy bag


I just love the colour combinations and Molly is such a dog-fan I’m sure Stanley will be creeping up elsewhere in the room. I am also in LOVE with this duvet set


but will probably end up going for a red set with white polka dots and quilting something out of the house print fabric…

I digress!

So, amongst all that, what else has been happening?

Well, some major news is that Molly’s hair is now long enough to have in pig tails. Yes, it’s major. No, she’s no excited about it. Yes…I am! She likes to sit on my lap in the morning whilst I do my hair and make up, she rifles through my make up bag and during this distraction I get to work. Genius! She looks so sweet. This is us on Mother’s Day taking a leisurely stroll through to neighbourhood to a salvage yard type place to look for doors!

IMG_0463 IMG_0461 IMG_0460

And yes, that is the very same jacket that my sister Caroline gave me about 10 years ago and I still wear it every spring and every autumn and I still get compliments on it every year! Thanks Caz!

Oh, and speaking of Mother’s Day, Jake really came up trumps this year…. I got given a whole day off, (plus some spending money!)  It was beautiful!

IMG_0490 IMG_0492

The city is just stinking on a Saturday, so Jake very lovingly took a Wednesday of from work and I had a leisurely day in the city all to myself. Bliss.

The highlights were:

Not having to think about how I was going to get down the stairs and back up again with the push chair

Not having to think about when Molly needed to eat/sleep and where would be appropriate.

Not having to think about where I needed to shop because I knew that there would be somewhere with a changing table in the bathroom.

Eating on my own and at my own pace

Reading a book that wasn’t The Hungry Caterpillar or Dear Zoo on the train there and back and  over lunch.

Using the bathroom on my own!

Spending as much time as I wanted in each shop

Not having to think about coming home at a certain time

Getting a pedicure on the way home.

It was absolutely blissful. Same again next year please Jake! 🙂

Right, the sun is shining it’s a glorious 23 degrees out…time to grab a blanket, get out in the park and soak it all up.

Thanks for bearing with me and as always, thanks for stopping by. x

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4 thoughts on “Bye, Baby Bunting…

  1. Steph B on said:

    Sorry to hear about the job uncertainty :-/ So excited to see that you’re having a boy!! How wonderful, the full set for you too. Molly is such a pretty girl, love her dress sense too 😉
    Glad you got a day off to yourself – we expat mums sure need it once in a while. Love how American you’re starting to sound – ‘bathroom’, ‘closet’ 😉

  2. Hey Steph….yes a boy! We’re so excited 🙂 I have been very fortunate to get LOTS of hand me downs from my sister for Molly (she’s the one with good dress sense!) but everything else I buy on UK ebay. Seems such a waste to spend so much each season when they only wear it a handful of times…particularly at this age. Hope you’re well. x

  3. sandra auras on said:

    Hi Maddy,
    It is always nice to hear from you. This is an awesome way to stay in touch and be well informed. Iso feel for you guys! I jyst dont like this waiting stage. This is the time where we really neef to havr faith. Believing what we cannot see. I always try to remind myself that God opened the door and He and He alone can close the door. God brought you to the States and gave you the green card so He is more than able to take care of the job situation.
    Keep on smiling. I can feel you joy when,i read your letter. Continue being the happy and wonderful mom and wife that you are.
    Much love from South Africa;-).

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