I’m back!

Yes indeedy, the wonderful Greg has come to the rescue and loaned me a snazzy little point and shoot so I can keep blogging whilst we choose our next camera. Thanks for all your suggestions by the way, I am well and truly torn about which route to go down. There are so many amazing options out there, even the basic cheaper models are so good today, I’m really in a bind! But we’ll get there…eventually. In the mean time I’ve thoroughly been enjoying taking photographs again. I didn’t know how much I was going to miss not having a camera to pull out of my pocket. I’ve bagged some pretty nifty shots these past couple of days…glorious!

IMG_0158 IMG_0154 IMG_0150 IMG_0149

The ‘new’ room is slowly but surely coming together. Won’t be long before I’ll be able to do the grand reveal and show you the before and after shots. Jake has worked immensely hard this past few weeks/months and laboured through pretty much every weekend and many evenings too. I think he’s a keeper.

I’ve been doing the usual job of scouring craigslist et al for freebies or new bits of furniture that will help it all come together. I found this amazing rug for free and sent Jake off to pick it up.


Neither of us had made allowances for how flippin’ heavy the thing was going to be and so Jake had to call a friend to come and help him grab it and shove it in the back of a car. Only they didn’t put it in a car….they walked it all the way home up the slope with it on their shoulders. A nice pile sure makes for a hefty rug. It needs a bit of a clean ($40 to hire a carpet cleaner for the weekend) but it’s a mammoth 11ftx8ft so who can complain?! I’m thinking we’ll put it in our living room and move the chevron rug to the kids room at the back.

On their way home with said hefty rug, Brad spotted this wardrobe/cabinet type thing just lying on the street waiting to be taken away to a new home. So off they went out again and hauled this beast home. It needs a lick of paint and a bit of love, but it’ll be a perfect wardrobe for the kids room…finally space to hang Molly’s dresses!


We also came across this gorgeous retro Samsonite vanity case at a street flea market. How lush is that?! We bartered the guy down to a very reasonable $30, hurrah, a new organised home for all my sewing threads and bits and bobs!

IMG_0322 IMG_0326

Molly is well and truly a toddler and changing all the time. She’s recently started colouring and spends most of the time eating the crayons.


She’s very into her ‘baby’ at the moment. We were given a couple of these baby dolls and some other soft toys and teddies by our friends Regina and Tom. The first time Molly set her eyes on these babies she laughed so uncontrollably that the 5 of us adults around her melted down too….babies giggles…adorable and infectious!


It’s so sweet to watch her cuddling it and hitting stroking it on the head. She’s in training. Look at that cheeky grin…butter wouldn’t melt eh?


However, why is it that doll’s clothes are so absolutely vile?! I popped into a toy (that’s funny, I just wrote ‘tory’ instead of toy…Maggie Thatcher on the brain?!) shop the other day to see how much a new outfit might be. A whopping $27 for a top and a skirt made out of pretty yucky fabrics that you just know are going to look horrible after about a week. $27! So what’s a girl to do?! That’s right…sew that baby something soft and nice and summery! She does look funny in them!




We took baby (who still needs a name) and the toy pushchair to Esme’s house yesterday (sob, sob, last visit to their house before they leave us for LA) and the girls played so happily. So sweet to watch.

IMG_0249IMG_0244 IMG_0270 IMG_0242 IMG_0256

And look at this cute sofa shot of the girls altogether! Couldn’t resist sharing it with you…


There you go baby, all’s well now. Perhaps you’ll get a few additions to your wardrobe as the years go on.

Ahh….feels so good to be back! I’ve sure missed having some creative space and blogging too. Back with more very soon.

Until then, thanks for stopping by. x

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