Sew me skinny


I’ve just got back from my 15 week dr’s appointment. I’ve only gained 2 pounds so far (how, I have no idea!) so thought this was reason enough to have eggy bread lathered in golden syrup for lunch. I probably shouldn’t tell you that I had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, or that I had snacks at Catherines house, or infact, that I really want fish and chips for my tea. These aren’t pregnancy cravings people, these are normal, every day food desires. Urgh. My friend Eve recently told me that during one stage of her pregnancy Lola, she only wanted fresh fruit and vegetables. It probably stands to reason then that she has a lovely lump free figure and I have a, well…let’s not go there.

Anyway, where is all this taking us?! Talk of fattening up and binging on sugary snacks sure makes me want to don a pair of skinny jeans! Ha! But that’s where I’m going with this… sew me skinny! (If only, eh?!)

I bought this lush pair of fuchsia pink skinnies in the sale last year, and despite the fact that I’ve worn them a few times, they really do leave alot to be desired. I bought the wrong size (English number, US size…doh!) and there’s something about them from the knee down that just doesn’t work.


I’m sure like me, you’re totally fed up of the bitter cold that just doesn’t seem to want to leave us (no Shayna, I don’t want to hear what your weather is like in CA today!) but I’m so fed up of my winter clothes and I literally  have one pair of trousers that I can wear now. Every day. Day in, day out, and I’m doing the old hair elastic trick that my sister taught me so that they give a little when I sit down.



I don’t need that extra allowance for baby weight, let me assure you, more cinnamon roll and eggy bread weight I’m sure! Anyway, I’ve been avoiding the inevitable and not buying maternity jeans. I’m not ready for them yet and I can’t help but think that when I will be, it’ll be too warm to wear them. So for now, I’ll make do with that same one pair of jeans (not those in the pic…they’re way too fancy for me!) until the weather sorts itself out and perks up a bit.

So I’m thinking ahead to summer and the need to stay cool through those stinking hot months of July and August when I’ll be the size of a house and unable to nicely disguise it in winter clothes as I did with Molly.

However, I reallllly want to avoid buying maternity clothes…who knows if I’ll need them again, and really, why are they so ugly?! So instead, I’ve thrifted a few granny skirts and dresses that I’ll make nice somehow. Oh and the skinnies.

Those too-big-skinnies will hopefully see me through the beginning of summer when it’s still at an ok temperature to breathe and I’m not spending every waking hour in a bath of cold water.

So, I got rid of the bottom half and made them into skinny long shorts.

No pic though. Camera has decided not to work today. Humpf. So for now, I’ll leave you hanging onto the thought of the photo that will come of my new skinny shorts that are frighteningly very much like the 90’s ‘pedal pushers’ and bordering on looking like cycling shorts (a look that my brother-in-law Danny is more than happy to sport, but it’s certainly not for me!).

In other news this week:

Molly’s been learning a new dance…?!


And having tremendous fun splashing in the bath…


Oh, and we have a new wall! Here it is at some point in the construction stages last weekend…no more pics until a proper ‘before and after’…


Amazing Jake and Tom 🙂

I’ve been pinterest-ing all my decoration ideas for both new bedrooms and am definitely going with a red, white and blue theme for the kiddos room. This picture just ‘got me’…


Right, off to raid the kitchen for… a… er… banana.

Until next time!




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2 thoughts on “Sew me skinny

  1. Ann Mitromaras on said:

    I’m sure our American friends don’t know what eggie bread is!

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