Bean bags, blankets and busy bees…

It’s been a busy ol’ couple of weeks. What with birthdays and babies and Oma here to stay, there’s been so much excitement we haven’t had time to stop! But it’s been good. Thoroughly enjoyable infact. Lots of creativity and giggles and sunshine. Take that January, told you February was going to kick your bum!

What’s so very lovely about February babies is that you have some sunshine to brighten the gloom. There are birthday parties each weekend with cake and yummy treats, which certainly beats the winter gloom out of all of us. And what’s even more lovely is the excuse to get on the sewing machine and make some pressies for the birthday girls. A while back I made some beanbags for our beautiful friends Micah and Esme. I crafted a thick felt bag to keep them all in and I was certain that it was one of my best projects ever. I wanted to make them for everyone! The problem is, they’re heavy.  I’ve not had the chance to make them again until now, as posting them over the ocean really is not an option. So, lucky Eloise got a bag of beanbags for her birthday. Hooray!


I loved using the new solid charm squares and pairing them with all sorts of stripy and spotty fabrics.


Enjoy Eloise!


Not only are there 1 year old birthdays to celebrate but actual BIRTHdays too! The lovely (and loooong) and incredibly gorgeous Austin Hobson graced us with his presence on February 4th…now to get making a quilt for that little man. He’s lush! Then there’s Dylan, the little one I told you about that I had bought the cool new fabrics for. I have to say, I really don’t think that the photographs do this blanket justice, it really is so fun and joyful, again I found it hard to send away!


It was backed in a green spotty fleece perfect for snuggling up in these cold winter days. And who doesn’t like robots? Let alone robots holding balloons!


Life with Molly continues to be sweeter and funnier than ever. I am SO glad that she is finally walking, she’s an entirely different person! She is enjoying her new found freedom so much, it’s so wonderful to watch. She was soooo desperate for her independence  but downright refused to crawl and as a result, the past 6 months have been quite grueling! And now here we are, on the other side, watching her toddle around and enjoy every second. Here she is playing ‘Where’s Spike’. I hide him, she finds him…over and over and over and over and over….



I love the concentration on her face!

And finally. We too have found our freedom. Last weekend we rented a car, drove through the city to enjoy some place else. Ahhh…soooo nice not to have to battle the subway, the steps, the subway, the steps, the tourists, the subway, the tourists, the steps. Instead…car seats and songs and The West Side Highway. Blisssssss.


So nice to break free. Will definitely be doing it more often.

So as February slowwwly draws to a close (despite the fact it’s a short month) we’re looking forward to spring, the clocks leaping forward and warm weather activities. Just wait, it’ll be snowing next week.

So until then, when I’ll be complaining about the snow, take care…. and as always, thanks for stopping by. x


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5 thoughts on “Bean bags, blankets and busy bees…

  1. lovely beanbags – such a great pressie idea!

  2. Molly is soooo cute! I can imagine how much fun she’s having playing that game. Absolutely LOVE your quilts, so clever, you’ve got the applique down to a fine art!

  3. Beautiful quilts. Thanks so much for the card. Really enjoyed last weekend.

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