It’s here. It is upon us! The baby is now a toddler.

We’ve been very lucky so far. But now it’s here… and it’s arrived in style!

Let the childproofing commence!


Molly, a-blur leaving a state of destruction behind her…

In the space of a few hours yesterday, she:

1. Had pulled everything off the fridge door and was found with entire magnets in her mouth.

2. Had opened the cupboard under the sink and got bashed in the head by the towel rail that hangs over the door. Screaming ensued.

3. Pulled all the shoes of the shoe shelf, one particularly heavy one landed on her toe. Screaming ensued.

4. Found her way to the wrapping paper (again) and ate some (again).

5. Almost fell through the gaps in the banister when I went into the hallway for a second. Screaming ensued.

6. Got stuck in a small gap trying to reach (and stick her fingers in) a socket.

7. Was found eating a nappy (clean, thank goodness!).

By 6pm yesterday, I:

Had barricaded her in the front room.

It was the only way!

But needless-to-say, I’ve been on amazon and I’ve ordered all the necessary ‘tools’ to deal with this unruly period.

In our attempt to stay sane, we’re trying not to go crazy with the whole childproofing thing and hope that Molly will eventually learn that she’s not allowed to stick her hand in the toilet etc… however, I know it’s easier said than done and we may very well find ourselves putting her in one of these 24/7.

baby face

Not. How funny! (Thank’s Kate for the head’s up on this…excuse the pun…….)

It’s impossible to get a shot of her walking around because she’s so darn quick! Look at that (very blurry) cheeky grin!


Anyway, in the craziness of this new phase, my fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s have been very much about cleaning, tidying, removing, cleaning, tidying and a bit more removing. Oh and cleaning. And tidying. Hence the reason I’ve really nothing fun to share with you this week (wait, you’re not  fascinated by this boring baby talk??!). However, I did get around to doing a small project that I really should have done a long time ago.

My lovely sister, Caroline asked me to make some cushion covers for her to give her couch a new feel. Why she asked me, I actually don’t know, as she is far better on the sewing machine than I am! Anyhow, she insisted, so we looked at some fabrics and decided to go for a heavier cotton, almost canvas in weight. The fabrics are DE-LISH and I really am sad to be putting them in the post to her. Seeing them on my sofa really made me think that I need to spruce up my cushions a bit too. What better way to brighten a room and add a bit of life. Far cheaper than buying a new sofa anyway!



I know they’ll look just lovely in her home, can’t wait to see some pics on them in situ.

Other than that, I’ve been stumbling across some new blogs…where better than pinterest to find these things?! Check out and this adorable coat that she made for her addooorrrable little one. Read and drooool people, read and drooool.


One day, when I have time (hahahahaaaaa) I’ll make something as sweet and as lovely as this using one of her patterns….ahh….time……

Peruse at your leisure and enjoy the sumptuousness of all that youandmie is. Gorgeous.

I shall leave it there lovely people and get back to picking up the cheerios and raisins off the floor (grr…darn raisins!).

Have a truly lovely rest of the week, y’all!

Thanks for stopping by. x

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