Pink please!

This time last year I was full to bursting with baby and wishing time would hurry itself up and baby Shaw would make an arrival.


But it wasn’t long before this:



And then this:


Oh my!

It was all jolly well worth it and now we’re mighty close to celebrating the wee one’s first birthday. Gee Wizz.

We’re going to have a teeny tiny little party for Molly and her closest friends, an enormous 2 hour affair (I know, get us!) with the kiddos playing and the grown ups sipping something bubbly and munching some snacks. Yum. Well, that’s the idea anyway.

So, I couldn’t let the opportunity for some crafting pass me by and what better way to over indulge in some craftiness by making party invites and decorations for the big day. I’m quite a stickler for a nice card. I like geometric patterns and symmetrical designs. Yes I do, I’m that cool. So, the idea is to go simple, simple, simple…but not forgetting pink of course! The tools; card – white and pink, sticky foam thingys and my very new and very lovely Martha heart stamper. Eeee…..


And hey presto….invites!


One of the wonderful things about being mum to a little one is that you get to go into a craft store and try out the glitter gel pens with the perfect excuse ‘Oh, it’s my daughters birthday, I’m doing this for her’ (Yeah right, she doesn’t have a clue, I’m just lapping up the glitter!). But of course, this comes very loooow down the lis of why it’s great to be a mum to a little’un. Ahem.

And one cannot possibly miss out on the decorations…oh no! And what better place to turn for inspiration than the wonderful Pinterest. With my wonderful new paper stampers, I’m heading for something similar to these beauties: (I even bought some foil cupcake liners to do this first one! So exciting!)

17803360998580711_s8Tq69F4_c 119978777543022020_eCrJS9I2_c 161777811584468247_DSDKG5pT_c 205406432974240777_dYNapvpk_c

And the cake…yes, we most certainly cannot forget the cake! Molly’s Oma will be here and I’ve asked her if she will do the honors on the cake front…she’s rather a dab hand at cakes (Hurrah!). I really do like cake very much.

And staying on the pink theme, we showered my lovely friend Sophia today who is having a baby girl in March. It was such a joyful afternoon with tea, cake and even cucumber sarnies. LUSH! I couldn’t resist the opportunity for pink wrapping and using the stampers to make a little gift tag. Those little beauties have already paid for themselves…I love ’em!


Anyhoo…I’ll keep you updated with all things birthday (yup…bet you can’t wait!) and next week I’ll be back with a DIY hairband tutorial…watch this space.

Until then, be well, don’t catch the flu if you can help it and…

thanks for stopping by x

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2 thoughts on “Pink please!

  1. Love the Martha Stewart stamper……Off to track one down.

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