A few Christmassy tid-bits

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

The babe is loving life a la Norfolk, long muddy walks through country estates, trundles down to the village swings, lots of room to play, a bedroom bigger than hers at home (not difficult) and plenty of people to cuddle! I, too am enjoying the slower pace of life. It feels rather odd not to wake up to the sound of emergency service sirens, rubbish disposal trucks and we-say-we’re-energy-efficient-but-that-doesn’t-mean-we-can’t-be-the-loudest-buses-on-earth buses.  Instead there’s the howl of the wind through the trees, the faint pitter patter of the rain hitting the windows, sweet birdsong and early morning church visitors creeping across the stone paths outside. Bliss. It doesn’t feel as though we’ve been here a week already and I’m fearful that the next is going to fly by as quickly as this one. Better make the most of it then eh?

We’re having what we’ve coined ‘fake Christmas’ here at Jake’s parents tomorrow. Dinner, presents, crackers (oh how I’ve missed thee!) paper hats, sing-songs and more! So my plan to wrap all the pressies on Christmas Eve very quickly became redundant and I had to think on my feet with having not bought wrapping supplies yet.

I’m quite a fan of boring brown paper and have always loved its versatility. So easy to dress up or down and make make festive for any occasion. I usually like to plan my wrapping well ahead of time, having sourced the exact ribbon, the exact gift tags, all of course from the exact place. This year…not so much. This year, frantic run to the post office for brown paper, a peruse of their ‘decorating’ aisle….. a swift dismissal of everything on show. Humph. However, a quick doddle around on Pinterest and I came up with something. Good ol’ school-decoration-style snowflakes and basic parcel string. I’m really quite chuffed with the end result…what a bargain too (not that I’m a cheapskate or anything…me? Nooo…).


Talking of thrifty bargains… it’s my beautiful niece Isla’s birthday today. She’s 4. 4?! When did that happen? We’re extremely excited to be able to go to her birthday party tomorrow, not something that we’ve ever been able to do before, so it was only appropriate that Molly got a new dress for the occasion.


Like it?

I bought her entire winter wardrobe from ebay this year, only bidding on things that we less than a pound. I managed to find this little number a couple of weeks ago and won the auction for a fantastic 99p. YES!  I love the little netting detail and the cute little flower button.



Happy birthday Isla Smiler!

Right, off to wake the little’un, put our wellies on and trundle down to the post box to send off the last minute Christmas cards. Ahhh…country life.

Lots of love and warm Christmas wishes. x

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4 thoughts on “A few Christmassy tid-bits

  1. Kirsty Culley on said:

    I love the wrapping idea – all those prezzies look gorgeous! I have always been a fan of brown paper. Little Molly is going to look amazing in her dress. Miss you! xx

  2. Oh those presses look so beautiful and Mollie’s dress too, glad you’re having a good time. A week today and we will be on that side of the pond!!

  3. Aww thanks Kirsty! Sorry we didn’t get to see you before we left. Hope you and Lex have a wonderful Christmas. See you in Jan. xxxx

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