Ladies: loved.

We did it! We jolly well did it!

18 bags made and packed full of goodies.


I had such an incredible response from last week’s entry. Extremely generous donations, wonderful messages of support and lots and lots of love. Brilliant.

So… I feel the need to share some thanks…

Thanks to:

Bree, Ann, Anne, Caroline, Tami, Vicki, Jessica, Catherine, Jo and Helen for buying bags. (One of these people bought all of the first five less than 20 minutes after I’d posted last week!).

Very special thanks to:

My wonderful friend Vikki, a teacher in Cumbria, England, who shared this need with her class. They pooled together and donated enough for 2 bags. Fabulous work Year 10, fabulous work!

Thanks to:

Everyone who shared the need by reposting the blog post on their facebook account or emailing it to friends and family.

Praise God thanks for:

Ashley who stepped in last minute to make 3 bags as I had run out of time.

Kerri whose inspired idea this was in the first place.

Danielle for getting people together and organising deliveries to the hard hit areas. (Check out the Ladies Helping Ladies facebook page to see all of the other efforts that have been put into this)

Joy who is constantly finding needs amongst those whose lives have been altered by this storm and sharing them with us so that we can help.

The internet. Seriously. Without it, this thing would never have got of the ground at the rate at which it has. Wahoo!

So, to finish, each bag has a small tag that says ‘With love’ on one side and the name of the person who donated it and where they are from:

This little tag is then tied onto the outside of the finished bag and hey presto… it’s done!

Last night, I went to Rite Aid to get the last minute supplies for the bags. I think it says alot about my life when I find it thrilling to rack up a $200 receipt at the local pharmacy. Oh dear. Needless to say, whilst I was out packing a huge IKEA bag with goodies, Jake was at home decorating some recently hard boiled eggs. When I went to the fridge to get one for lunch, this is what greeted me:

I chose this one:

And Molly had this one:

You are witnessing first hand the height of excitement that a New York lifestyle brings. Oh boy.

Anyway, the bags are on their way to people who need them. There are still some 29,000 people without power. In the nieghbourhoods that have been hit, the shops are not opening for fear of looting or the shelves remain empty. These bags of delightful womanly goodness are not only going to provide essential items for these girls and women, but also remind them that there is a wider community of people thinking and caring for them. YES! 🙂

I love them!

Thank you, thank you once again.

And as always, thanks for stopping by. x

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