Let’s love some ladies!

It snowed last night. The first significant snow of the season. I’m amazed by how quickly the seasons change here and how defined they are too. Blazing hot summers, freezing cold winters. It’s nice to know that in the summer months you’ll have summer weather and in the winter months you’ll have winter weather… sounds well, normal…but I’m still getting used to it all the same.

When I looked out of the window last night, our back yard looked like Santa’s Grotto. I joked with Brian, the manager of the wine bar downstairs, that they should dress up one of their staff members as Santa and charge kids to come in. They’d make a fortune! I took a picture:

I thought of the hurricane Sandy victims, still without power, still without hot water, still in despair, and wondered how their night would fare. How many of the elderly would suffer through this second storm? Evacuation shelters were having to remove bags of donating clothing in order to make room for yet more evacuees. I woke up this morning to images of piles of debris covered in snow. People wrapped in blankets. This is New York… why are these people still waiting to be helped? Who knows how long it’s going to take to get these people back in their homes and this weather sure aint helping!

Whilst much of the city returns to normal, there are plenty of people still willing to help. Plenty of people giving their time and money so generously to help their neighbours. This morning, the girls from church gathered together to make activity bags that would be distributed amongst children who are stuck in the places that have been hardest hit. Activity books, chapsticks, stickers, colouring books and a whole host of other exciting items were bundled into bags and taken off to the children at Gerristen Beach. This wonderful idea of Joy’s sparked inspiration amongst us and Kerri came up with an innovative way to give to and encourage the many teenage girls and woman who have been left stranded without even a hair tie to pin back their hair.

The word spread amongst her friends and before you know if there’s a facebook page of 74 people all agreeing to be part of this great idea.

Here’s the juice as per Kerri’s friend Danielle:

Hey girls so my friend Kerri had a great idea to help women who were affected by this horrible disaster. As we all know being a woman is hard enough but being a woman with out any female supplies is devastating… So here is her idea Ok thats awesome!!! What do you think of this
Get 5 of your girlfriends to donate products
We can make a list
Something like

Maxi pads
Baby powder
Nail filers non metal
Chap stick
Ponytail holders
And and put them in a zip lock bag and then in a inexpensive bag so its easier to carry and no one sees whats in it…
We can all ask our friends to make one and aim for a total and then drop it off at shelters…
I will pick up the donations my self since I have a car and gas and I will deliver it myself as well !!!
I am also hoping I can get more than 5 lady friends todo this !!
I love love love this idea as the thought of not being able to wash my face with warm water, tie my hair back in a messy bun (urgh, imagine how greasy it would be by now!), have sanitary products on hand for ‘that time of the month’… it really doesn’t bear thinking about.
Howeeevvrrr… I really feel as though I’ve exhausted my friends of their good will. So many have donated and given time and baked cookies and a whole host of other things…we’ve all been caught off guard by this and quite frankly, we’re struggling to give financially anymore. So…here’s where you come in!
I’ve had many lovely and wonderful emails of encouragement and support this past week. So many of you have asked how you can help. So I’ve take Kerri’s idea and gotten creative. Maddymade does donating…or something to that effect!
I have made 5 bags each of which are filled with goodies for the ladies. I will donate the bag, and you guys will essentially be paying for what’s in the bag (if you choose to that is…no pressure!).
In the bags are:
1 pack of cleaning wipes
1 travel pack of cotton buds, cotton wool balls and cotton pads
1 pack of pant liners
1 travel sized hand lotion (Jergens…yum!)
1 travel sized deodorant
1 cherry flavoured Carmex lip balm
5 hair bands
1 emory board
1 nail polish
The contents of each bag is a total of $20 (approx 12pounds 50pence, 15Euros 60cent)
So girls, here’s what I need. I need those 5 bags paid for. I don’t care how it gets done, if 1 person buys all 5 or 3 people chip in together to buy one…it doesn’t matter, but those bags need to get to the girls who need them, and they need to be there by Monday. That gives us 3 days. I think we can do it. I understand that it’s alot of money, but get together with a friend or two and you’re smiling! I’ll even give you the chance to include a personal note if you’d like… yes, I’m THAT nice! 🙂
How do you sign up?
1. Comment on this post
2. Email me directly if you have my address
3. Facebook me if we’re friends.
You can pay my via paypal at
We can do this people…WE CAN DO THISSSS!! Ok…I’ll calm down now.
Anyways, hope you’re all well wherever you are, and, as always…
Thanks for stopping by. x
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5 thoughts on “Let’s love some ladies!

  1. Danielle Mcdonagh on said:

    I am so very proud to be apart of this… I love supporting women and during disasters like this it’s especially important for women and young girls to keep that part of themselves.. I have to say over the past few days it has been overwhelming to see the homemakers, mothers, wives, and all the independent women out there pushing their shopping carts full of supplies and getting dirty demolitions homes…. Standing side by side with some of these ladies has been something very special.. Please know I am not knocking men I know they have been out in the trenches but that’s expected…. I just know how special a world we live in that we can come together and do just as much!!! ❤

  2. Love this 🙂

  3. Caroline Gowing on said:

    We will buy a bag. I will transfer 12.50 later.x Caz.x

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