Long awaited updates and a sneaky peek…

Well. What a couple of weeks it’s been!

I’m not entirely sure where to start…chronological order or what’s pressing to write about first?!

Let’s start with Sandy. It’s prominent, it’s ongoing and it’s heartbreaking. I’m sure many of you have been following the news and have seen what’s happened to Manhattan with all the flooding. Seems the hardest hit areas weren’t entirely realised until much later… such sadness and heartbreak in so many communities. Lives lost, homes lost, livelihoods destroyed. It’s so hard to know how you can help and so easy to feel guilty for having a home, warm clothes and access to food and running water. But, as my sister Sophie put it, if we had also been affected then we wouldn’t be in a position to help others. So we’re trying to do what we can, it feels small…but it’s something. Our church gathered together on Sunday to pack up dried goods, make hot meals and 1000 peanut butter and jelly sarnies.


It was an incredible effort. People came from all over to help…even the youngest got involved!


Check out all the sarnies! This is about 0.00001% of the amount we made! (Well, it felt like it anyway!)


A car packed full with stuff for a family whose home was destroyed. They have a 2 year old boy and are expecting another baby boy this week…


Jake went to help in another area, I asked him to take some photos so I could post the on here but when he got there he said it simply wasn’t appropriate to be taking photographs of something so dearly personal. Good call.

The effort continues to reach those who are yet to have power restored. It’s cold here. Really cold. There is a big call out for hats, gloves, scarves etc. If you would like to help in someway but don’t think it’s possible from where you are, get in touch and I’ll help you work something out. All your thoughts and prayers are so very appreciated…please, keep ’em coming!

The Saturday before Sandy hit, before all this madness happened, we were invited to a baby halloween party. Woah…so. many. babies. It was so lovely to all the kiddies in their sweet costumes although Molly didn’t handle it with much poise and did a mighty fine job of letting everyone know how unimpressed and overwhelmed she was. However, after I shoved a million snacks in her mouth she calmed down enough to have some photographs taken.


Love them!

And now…the big finale!

The Maddymade Christmas Extravaganza is nearly upon us. Hurrah!

I cannot believe this will be it’s 4th year…wahoo…surely there needs to be some kind of giveaway for such an historic milestone?! And there will be, don’t you worry! All will be revealed in due course, but for now, here are a few things I’ve been working on that will go into the Etsy shop just in time for your Christmas present shopping. There are lots of other creations in the making, so get saving those pennies!

Large make up pouches with a little pocket on the front for those fiddly things that always get lost at the bottom (eye brow pencils, eye liners etc) available in an assortment of prints and patterns.


Skinny pencil cases perfect for students and teachers alike!


Clasp purses with ruffles, ruffles, ruffles…


And pouches for pouches sake! Ideal for pretty much anything…passports and travel documents, cameras and phones, nappies and wipes…you name it!


Ok..I’m off to sew some more. Can’t wait to share it all with you!

As always, thanks for stopping by….

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2 thoughts on “Long awaited updates and a sneaky peek…

  1. The work that you and the other volunteers have done is so wonderful, I’m sure it’s made a real difference, especially to the couple who lost all of their baby supplies. I love Molly’s costume, she looks so cute! Great products you’re making there too, I might have to put one on my crimbo wish list xx

  2. I didn’t know you had an Etsy store! Exciting!!! Gonna go check that out…

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