Oh, baby baby!

Thought I might get a couple of extra viewings using a title with the word baby in it!


I know what you were thinking.


No more babies just yet! 🙂 I have, however, been making some super fun baby blankets for some lovely girls who deserve a treat.

First, one of Molly’s friends Lola, got a patchwork blanket. I really do love how we refer to them as friends. They have little to no idea who each other are, I’m sure. But they’re friends nonetheless because Eve and I are friends which means that Molly and Lola really get little say in the matter. When I say little, I mean none. Anyway, Eve requested a patchwork blanket for her little sweet pea with turquoises and blues and all yummy colours like that.

It’s lined with a warm, organic batting made especially with infants in mind, so no nasty chemicals there. I backed it with a cherry print fleece and embroidered Lola’s name on the back.

Lola did a wonderful job of posing in order for me to get some pictures. What a cutie…

Thanks for ordering this Eve, here’s hoping that Lola has many happy memories with it 🙂

Next up, a Christening gift for my friend Cat’s niece, Bella. Cat is super special because she put up with me for 3 years when we lived together during uni. She deserved to have something extra nice just for that!

Cat had seen a photograph of a quilt I had made a couple of years back and wanted something similar. I really enjoying planning this one and getting the creative juices flowing. 5 letter names are lovely to work with in this medium as they add a certain symmetry to the piece without it looking too mirrored. I have to say, I’m really rather fond of this one.

It’s backed in a super soft heart print fleece. Yes, girlie, girlie, girlie. I love it.

I really hope little Bella likes it. Popping it in the post for you tomorrow, Cat, my dear.

As I write this I’m lying on the sofa wearing a sundress with a cashmere jumper over the top. I’m poorly and have been fluctuating between hot and cold all day. Thankfully my mother-in-law, Wendy, shrank the cashmere jumper by mistake, and I got it as a result. Yay! Sorry Wendy, but I do really really like it. Thankfully Molly has been an absolute super star today and watched numerous episodes of Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden whilst I rested my head on anything that looked remotely soft. This ranged from the sofa (definitely the best option but couldn’t get away with it for too long) to a cushion for my head whilst lying on the hardwood floor as Molly sent vibrations of seismic wave proportions racing towards me as she jumped up and down in her door bouncer. Gotta love that kid.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you have planned. We’re off to our first halloween party tomorrow, Molly is a garden gnome. Ha! I made her her very own gnome hat. Pictures coming soon!

As always, thanks for stopping by…

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2 thoughts on “Oh, baby baby!

  1. Joanna Philpot on said:

    Mad! I LOVE these blankets. I’ve always admired Molly’s baby blanket, they are so special and scrummy. Both are gorgeous, in particular I love Lola’s one. The colours and patterns are fantastic..and so so scrum. 😀

  2. How did I miss this post until now!! I absolutely LOVE your quilts Maddy, so professional they are fantastic, especially the Bella one. I love how you’ve presented the name. Great work!

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