Confession time…

Ok. Advanced warning, this post might be a bit disappointing. No tales of exciting sewing projects to tell this week, no yummy treats baked. Nope, nothing, nada. Indeed I have fantasized about such things (and have many a project lined up to do) but when 12 o’clock came around this week and Molly was snoozing away in her bed, I found myself on one of two places, both beginning with P. Firstly, Pinterest (addictive to say the least) and secondly, Polyvore. Have you discovered it yet? Oh me, oh my. I’m kind of inclined to say ‘DON’T DO IT’…it will ruin your life, but in the best possible way. When my sister in law, Jo introduced this fiendishly beautiful place to me, I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed at first. 5 hours later and a slight headache…yup, you guessed it….addicted.

I looked a little like this:


So what’s all the fuss about? Well, it’s a virtual pin board type affair rather like Pinterest that focusses on clothing, interiors and perhaps even more that I haven’t discovered yet. You can shop for specific items, ask for advice on what to pair a particular item of clothing or a pair of shoes etc with and create your own ‘sets’ of outfits. With one click of a button you’re at the place where you can buy said item. Perfect for those of us who love online window shopping (filling a ‘cart’ with a load of items that you can’t possibly afford, will never wear and cannot pull off) only to click off the window and go back to doing something incredibly mundane like washing Molly’s bottles for what seems like the millionth time this month. Here’s a few examples of ‘sets’ that have been put together:


Jo and I began having a clothing-off…ok, that sounds weird. It’s not, I promise! We take it in turns to chose an item and then style it according to our own tastes, we then show our collection of items to each other via email as we are separated by a rather large ocean. We have both concluded that this is probably considered ‘quite a sad thing to do’ but hey, we had fun (and managed to avoid cleaning the bathroom/doing the washing/making dinner/going to bed because oh look! It’s 2:15 already!).

I chose this jacket:


And styled it like so:


Jodie chose this skirt (drooool)…


She chose flats (which I love):


And I went for killer heels (which again, I would never wear, but LOVE all the same):


I won’t bore you with any more….but get involved people…at your own risk!

In other news, I’m working on a costume for Molly for halloween (not a festival I would usually celebrate but the Americans kind of do it ‘nicely’), a couple of dribble catchers for Molly’s friends (pictures to follow I’m sure) and a new tutorial (can I get a ‘whoop!’?) for a cushion cover with piping and a zip. I know, I know…you can do both! Doing this one especially for fromtwelvetotwofifteen follower Danielle. Get your materials ready! Take a look at the materials list from this tutorial and get yourself a zip an inch or two longer than the side of your cushion too. Hurrah!

Until then, as always…thanks for stopping by!

PS… Follow me on Pinterest here and Polyvore here and let me know if you start using them.

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One thought on “Confession time…

  1. nice work! I like Pinterest too x

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