A sneaky peek…and pie!

Well, what would you know… after a year of looking for the perfect coffee table, I came home on Friday to see it sitting right outside my door. Yep, just there, on the pavement, with a humble little sign saying ‘Free’. Well, what’s a girl to do?! I got right on that thing and with the help of Dominique we squeezed it through our super heavy front doors and I hastily ran it upstairs so that nobody else could get their mitts on it! It is absolutely what we have been searching for. I have been craigslist-ing like a mad woman and scouring every flea market within reach. And there it was…on the pavement….free! 🙂


So, of course, with any new piece of furniture that comes into our apartment, Jake and I have long discussions about what to do with it. Sand it? Varnish it? Paint it? Put a design on it? Which design? Which colour? Which shade? Which pantone number is that? The questioning goes on and on and on….

Luckily, we have very similar tastes and we know what we like and what we don’t like. We both want to get it just right. So we decided to sand just the very top and give it a nice bright pop of colour. Of course, it would be silly to assume we’d decided on a colour already. But during Sunday’s fromtwelvetotwofifteen, we went up on the roof and sanded that bad boy.


Jake stepped in when my hands went to jelly… Look closely and you’ll see the new Freedom Tower behind him…It’s huge!


Our very lovely neighbour Tom let us borrow his electric sander to save us a bit of time. He’s a DIY nut and it wasn’t long before he was on the roof showing us just how it’s done. Thanks Tom!


I’ll post a proper before and after when it’s complete. For now, we’re just very happy to have somewhere to put our tea. Smiles all ’round! 🙂

And…. pie’s all ’round! Hooray!

With autumn slowly but surely making an appearance, it feels only right to get pie making! This scrumptious chicken and ham pie was super yummy. Definitely going to make it again. Once again, BBC Good Food came up trumps! Check out the recipe here.



Next: Bread making…eeeek!

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