Simple stretchy hat

Yes, it’s still hot here, but the humidity has finally gone (for now) and so it almost feels as though Autumn is on it’s way. I’m rather looking forward to it. Crisp clear skies and crunchy leaves under foot. Wonderful. I’m actually looking forward to a different wardrobe too. I can’t believe I haven’t worn a cardigan or a pair of trousers or had anything on my feet but flip flops since April (if you don’t count a week spent in England). The thought of a pair of socks is quite appealing!

Anyway…. I wanted to make Molly a couple of hats for Autumn. They won’t be heavy duty enough for winter, but they’ll be just enough to keep her cute little head warm in the days when it’s starts to get cooler. It was more of an excuse to get sewing with some jersey knit than anything else. It’s such a versatile fabric and really lovely to work with. This is just the beginning of the jersey-knit-hat episode! I’ve actually made a little bow to go on the front of this one but didn’t get a chance to sew it on before I snapped it. More to come later!

And yes, it does look a little weird to see a baby wearing a cotton romper and knitted hat…but hey, whatcha gonna do?!


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