Quilting some craziness

Cor blimey, it aint half going quick! Today is Molly’s 6 month birthday. How did she go from this:



to this:


In 6 short months?! Think of all the fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s there’s been in those last 6 months. 

Ok…well, moving on! This isn’t the time or the place to get sentimental! (I just watched an episode of The Midwives on BBC iplayer and have decided that I want to have a thousand children and become a midwife. Amazing.)

So…over the course of quite a few weeks now I’ve been slowly adding to a little stash of bits and bobs of fabric to make a crazy quilt. I was inspired by this little beauty that I came across on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it in some shape or form. So, I’ve slowly been sewing bits together here there and everywhere, and although it’s a loooong way from being finished, I thought you might appreciate seeing some work in progress.

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve got ready so far. Again, Pinterest played a big hand in helping me to come up with some of the ideas. Here a couple of the blogs I came across…check them out. Some pretty lush stuff going on there.

Blocking of random stripes etc

Half moon-y thingys

Wonky chevrons 


And I guess this is a general idea of what it might begin to look like as a quilt:



Ta-daa! I’m thoroughly enjoying the process and can only hope that I’ll get it finished this year! I’ll keep you updated! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ps…it just goes to show that it is absolutely worth holding on to those little scraps of fabric.

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One thought on “Quilting some craziness

  1. Oh she is adorable. Love this block. So how did you get bbc I player to work? I got the midwives DVD for my birthday, loved it

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