Handle those hot pots… fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s very first tutorial! Hurrah!

If you’re anything like me you’ll hate oven gloves/oven mitts…whatever you want to call them. Why? Because they’re bulky and annoying and fiddly and above all else I feel as though it would be less dangerous to actually remove the hot pot/pan with my bare hands. They are always made for people with giant sized hands, not the dainty lady ones that I *like to think* I have. The part where the thumb goes in is always so high up that there is no way the rest of my hand is going to be able to function…rah rah rah. OK…so…to do something about it! 

A while ago I replaced my ironing board cover. How very rock and roll of me. I decided to keep the thermal padding part of the old one thinking that I would probably use it in someway or another. Jolly good job I did eh?! 

Cool little oven mitts


Here’s how you can make a fancy pair of oven mitts of your very own.

You will need:

  • A sewing machine 
  • Thread, pins, scissors etc (a rotary cutter is very helpful if you have one but not necessary)
  • Approx 80 x 55 inches of heavy fabric. I recommend a heavier fabric seeing as these jolly little pot holders will be getting alot of attention, the heavier the fabric, the more likely there are to hold up over time. I also would suggest using a dark fabric as they are probably going to be getting along of attention from food. 
  • Approx 10 x 7 inches of heat resistant padding or something similar.
  • 2 x 6 inches of bias tape (or you could make your own hooks out of other fabric)

Gather all your materials together and set up a work space




Cut 8 9×6 inch rectangles from your heavy fabric (you need 4 rectangles for each mitt)


Ok, from here on I’m going to give you the directions for one mitt only, so when you’ve completed the first one you will need to repeat the instructions from here onwards.


Of the four 9 x 6 inch rectangles you have (remember, 4 for each mitt) You will need to cut two in half. This way you will have 2 9 x 6 inch rectangles and 2 4.5 x 6 inch rectangles:



Of the 4 smaller rectangles 2 two, place them right sides together and sew along one of the long edges to create a seam:


Turn back over itself, press the seam flat with your iron and top stitch for a nice finish…


Repeat with the other two smaller rectangles, so that you have two (what will become) pockets.

Now, cut yourself a 9 x 6 inch piece of your batting/padding/whatever you choose to use. Sandwich together your mitt in this order (from bottom to top)

  • wadding/batting
  • first large rectangle right side up
  • two pockets (seams facing towards each other)
  • second large rectangle right side down

It should look something like this (accept all lined up nicely on top of one another of course…):Image

Pin altogether. I find quilting pins work best because they are so looooong. Sew along the long edges only. Very important. Once you have sewn along those two edges, trim any excess fabric so as not to create bulk when you turn them inside out:



turn the whole thing inside out so that the pockets are now on the top and the batting is sandwiched between the two large rectangles.

Fold your 6 inch piece of bias tape in half and secure in place, about 1 inch along one of the short sides, with a pin.



Sew along the two short edges. If you have a serger it would be good to serge the edge of the fabric here s it doesn’t fray. I sadly don’t have a serger… but zig zag stitch works just as well:



Now, turn your pockets back on themselves:


And voila! Your very own incredibly cool pair of oven mitts! Yippeee!


Hope the tutorial is easy enough to follow, let me know if you have any questions…have fun! Oh…and make sure you bake some cookies to test them out. It would be a crime not to… 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Handle those hot pots… fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s very first tutorial! Hurrah!

  1. How amazing! I absolutely love the fabric, it’s yum! Great idea, you’re so right about oven gloves. I often find myself using a tea towel as its more flexible but as the material is so thin I end up burning myself- so these are perfect! x

  2. Holly B on said:

    Flipping great Mads! As soon as i have a table to call my own again then i’m making these babies for my new kitchen! Xx

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