Lunchtime nap time…

Gotta love a baby who sleeps from twelve to two fifteen everyday! Love having this time to myself to get creative, make a mess and attempt to make something out of it all. I’ve got a whole host of projects up my sleeves and I’m so excited to get started and, well…make stuff! We’ve been in Brooklyn for a year now (cor, blimey that came around quickly!) and the apartment is still in need of a little bit of love. When you sell all your furniture and move to another country with only 4 suitcases between 2 of you, it sure takes some time to get a new place up and running. We’re getting there, slowly but surely. We are enjoying the year round scavenger hunt for new pieces of furniture, bartering on craigslist, becoming regulars of Tom’s at the 7th avenue flea market and picking up the odd freebies along the way. Our latest item to make it’s way into out little home is the beautiful dresser. It’s simply lovely and fits perfectly into this spot in our apartment. FInally a home for all the fabric and bits and bobs that have been living in cardboard boxes for a year now. This will certainly be a number of fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s worth of time.



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