Let’s make a dress!

Last week was a busy one. There was lots on the to-do list and with Jake gone I had to find more ways than usual to entertain myself and Molly. We took a trip to the big thrift store to see what we could find, I’m always on the look out for something ridiculously cheap that can be made over in someway. And I was in luck! Found this cool flat bed sheet for a mere $3.99.


My initial thought was to make Molly another dress…but when I was home alone on Friday evening I decided to make something for myself. A bit of a treat. I’ve made a coupe of things for myself before and tend to do the whole cut a bit, see if it fits, cut another bit, see if it fits, instead of using a pattern. One day I’ll make a pattern and do a tutorial on here, but right now…the pics will have to do.

When Jake came back early Saturday morning, he had bought be a wee gift from the amaaaazzzing Anthropology, a beautiful cinch belt. What a star. It went just wonderfully with the dress and finished it off beautifully. Nice work husband!


The straps cross at the back, admittedly it needs a little work, but it’s not bad for a couple of fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s.


So lovely to be in the park yesterday as a family once again. Two weeks without Jake…boy, was I happy to see him return.


This post has taken me forever to write! Sorry it’s so short. It has been interspersed with playtime and lunchtime with the babe. Now off to the city to have lunch with Jake. Soooo good to have him home.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s make a dress!

  1. JoPot on said:

    I looooove this dress maddy, as do i love YOU!

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