Perhaps not quite as impressive….

But a transformation none-the-less. Living in rented accommodation definitely has it’s benefits, yet, when it comes to decorating, it can be quite challenging. Cherry red cabinets with cream and black appliances in a kitchen….?! Really?! It’s a piddly little kitchen but I like it alot. An American sized fridge and an oven I will never be able to fill! And now it has A/C…well, I’m spending more and more time in there. Hooray! But the colour scheme was dragging me down and I couldn’t really figure out what to do with it. It has pipes here there and everywhere and if/when we leave here I don’t want to be painting an ENTIRE apartment white again. Some I rummaged around in the cupboard and found the remnants of paint from other little projects. I bought, painted and put up some new spice racks (although I would like the spices all in nice uniform glass jars…ahhh…one day) and put up photos of our very-much-missed family to look at whilst cooking/making baby food/stain removing baby food from clothes and washing Moll’s bottles. It’s not a huge transformation but it was quick and easy, a couple of fromtwelvetotwofifteen’s worth of work, and it’s now a much more pleasant place to be. 

From dull and boring:


To, still rather dull and boring, but with a slight flair to it:


Right…what’s next?!


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2 thoughts on “Perhaps not quite as impressive….

  1. What happened to the nice castle calendar? I hope that has a new home too?

    • Don’t you worry Emily, dear…it is right next to the chalk board on another wall 🙂 It’s a calendar of Norfolk don’t you know! It was one of our favourite Christmas present this year! Patriotic? Us? Nooo….

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