Before and After….finally finished!

When we first moved to Brooklyn, we were shocked by the size of the apartments and by how little you get for your money (or ‘bang for your buck’ as the folk say here). We’d come from a GORGEOUS apartment in Germany (I still dream about it) with two sets of french doors opening onto a balcony, an enormous bathroom, a second toilet for guests, two full, proper bedrooms, a wonderful kitchen…all nicely finished…ahhh….. and relatively cheap too! So, finding an apartment here was made even more difficult because we had THAT image in our head. That’s what we’d had…so why shouldn’t we have it again? Turns out, THAT will cost you a small fortune here, so we had to be realistic and just try and find the best that we could afford. And what we found is truly lovely. It works wonderfully for us, it’s slightly quirky and in a fantastic location. It’s downside is that it’s open plan. It was listed as a 2 bed, but due to the lack of doors, it’s really a rather grand 1 bed. When deciding where to put Molly, we adopted a New York attitude. No one has space, everyone is struggling to fit everything into these tiny apartments, and so what once was a closet:



Got stripped bare:


And became a bedroom:


We were very fortunate in that we were given the crib by a lady who was leaving the city. It’s pretty old and needed some work so we took it up on the roof, sanded it all down and painted it a nice glossy white. I made bunting, paper pompoms, put up some photos and voila….it’s a nursery! Our super lovely friends Claire and Darryl made us the gorgeous Noah’s Ark cross stitch…it took them countless evenings at home in front of the telly, and we’re thrilled with it. What a special gift. My wonderful friend from uni, Lauren hand made the little ‘M’ for her door too. what a lucky little girl Molly is to have all these people making such lovely things for her.

It’s taken a while, but today I’m proud to say, it’s finally finished!




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2 thoughts on “Before and After….finally finished!

  1. That’s fantastic

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