Weekend wedded bliss

This weekend were fortunate to be invited to the. most. beautiful. wedding. Our wonderful neighbours Tom and Shannon tied the knot and we were very privileged to celebrate with them and wish them well on this new adventure together. The entire event was an elegant, detailed and almost a completely handmade affair. Shannon had worked tirelessly to ensure that every last little detail was considered and that every guest felt welcomed and honoured to be part of their special day.


Whilst this event didn’t strictly take place between the hours of twelve and two fifteen we were driving to Maryland at that time with a very….grumpy tired and hot baby. And to further tie in the link to this merry little blog, I did help with a very small fraction of the handmade-ness which validates this entry! I made the table runners and some bean bags for a traditional game that goes by the name of Corn Hole. Apparently it derives from Germany… can’t say I ever came across it during the 5 years I lived there!


It was the hottest experience I have ever had whilst being dolled up and wearing rather uncomfortable shoes. 6.30pm, 42.9 degrees celsius. And boy, did we feel it! The poor men in the wedding party had to keep their jackets on, purely because we would all have been treated to a display of nipple otherwise…and we wanted to keep the focus on the bride. She looked stunning. It must be adrenaline or something but she didn’t even look as though she was breaking a sweat! Meanwhile, I’m asking Jake if the streams of sweat running down the back of my legs are visible and patting my face with a tissue so my make up didn’t run. Sweat central. Shannon had anticipated a hot day and purchased paper parasols for all the ladies and had stayed up for many night in a row making beautiful fans. I helped one evening and made about 20… it took forever, she’s so dedicated! However, her forward thinking and hard work completely paid off, it really helped! I used it all night long (hence the food stains visible in the photos!).


They had also rather cleverly thought to provide snow cones for everyone. Yum. I tried the lemon, I think it’s raspberry that Jake went for.


The dancing was absolutely EPIC. Tom had made the playlist and every tune had an ‘oh my goodness I love this song we HAVE to dance!’ tag line to it. We all figured once you’re hot, getting hotter doesn’t really mean much, so we went for it. It was amazing. The marquee shone in the landscape and bugs galore came along to party. I have never seen such a mighty host of flying enormous scariness!


And the last photo….a very sweaty but extremely happy couple…about to celebrate 6 years of our very own wedded bliss. Why so very very happy? There were….wait for it….BABYSITTERS! I told you they’d thought of everything!


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